What we believe

Passionate about brilliant processes for our clients, rewarding careers for our employees and a better place to live for our community.

We didn’t hire Angelina today.

It wasn’t because she wasn’t a talented, driven, proven consultant. She had a great resume, graduated from an Ivy League School, made her mark already at one particularly large, management consultant firm and by many standards was considered a sought-after, “Who’s Who Under 30” kind of candidate. She would be a jewel for many companies, but, as I said, we did not hire her today.

Our world at TranSigma is all about process and Angelina understood process. She liked it. She knew how to analyze big data, and glean the insights that would guide client decisions. Ask her to speak about regulatory and technological complexities and she could quickly let fly intricate strategies that were textbook perfect. She was by all accounts a technician’s technician, she knew her stuff.

But Angelina was not hired at TranSigma. She had the technology chops we were looking for, but she did not understand people in the deep, nuanced way that is critical to process and everything to us.

Angelina knew intellectually that process begins with people, but she did not feel it in her gut the way we do here. This lack of understanding how people tick would have inhibited her ability to shepherd transition through an organization. While she may have had the ability to see the end game, there would have been a void in understanding how to get there – a lack of digging into what is going on in peoples’ minds and thus not have the ability to guide and coach them through the transition.

One thing we do exceptionally well here is knowing how to implement, control and execute change. Angelina was smart but people were somewhat of a mystery to her.

The fact is, Angelina will probably excel somewhere else, but not at TranSigma.

Those that are successful here are talented in our core competencies: change management, data analytics, lean process engineering and program management. They understand each of the four pillars, but they also share a keen knowledge of people, knowing what frightens them, what motivates them and ultimately help create an environment of people who embrace change and not flee from it. You see, TranSigma professionals enter into the culture of every client with a broad and fresh perspective, adjust to it, then help employees, managers and executives navigate the change — effectively communicating across all levels within the company.
[This skill is not easy to hire for.]

All of us here at TranSigma understand our purpose is to transform businesses with world-class process improvement, governance, enterprise data and program management services. With partners and affiliates worldwide, we provide the global services clients are desperately in need.

We love process. We are process animals. But most of all, we are inspired by individuals, and the companies and communities in which they live.

And that’s what makes process different here.