Kevin Hanrahan Selected as One of “50 Most Creative CEO’s to Watch”

October 9, 2016

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Kevin Hanrahan, CEO TranSigma

TranSigma CEO Kevin Hanrahan has been selected by Insights Success Magazine as “One of the 50 Most Creative CEO’s to Watch”.

Insights Success says:

Kevin believes in the importance of a Network of exceptional People, Passion to do the right thing, Teamwork with direct/concise communication and Results, not activity or weighty pitch decks. With services provided from Moscow and London to Ghana, Manhattan and Napa Valley, TranSigma’s professionals go anywhere/anytime, roll up their sleeves and get it done – no bureaucracy or invading army.

Process is the center of TranSigma’s universe. Kevin is passionate about the use of new technology. TranSigma designs highly digitalized processes that have the enthusiastic support of their customers and employees. Their unique approach fully integrates agility and digitization into the client’s DNA.

Kevin and his team’s change management, digitization (technology, cyber security and data) and business process reengineering skills are key competencies that lead these transformational changes. Specialized in-house skills such as IT, legal, finance, cyber security, regulatory compliance, banking and enterprise data management are fully integrated into its service delivery teams.

Kevin said of the award, “Though it is a pleasure to receive such recognition, the real credit goes to our team of professionals – from new staff to executive leadership. With such a tremendous team around me delivering brilliant innovative services to our clients it is hard to go wrong.”