Agile Process Reengineering

We are TranSigma, a management consulting firm with a focus on the “execution of strategy”. We successfully drive simplification with Business Process Improvement and Program Management services. Our company’s agile, change management, digitization (technology, cybersecurity and data) and business process reengineering skills are key competencies that lead these transformational changes.

…Into the DNA of the company.

We are often engaged to help our clients drive simplification and a quality mindset into the DNA of the company. They come to us because, besides having the technical process reengineering chops, we deliver lasting transformations that become part of the company culture.

4 Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces

We know that taking a framework like Agile, Lean or Six Sigma off the shelf and applying it to every situation doesn’t work. Simply automating or outsourcing a poor process can be risky and costly to your business.

Our approach starts with a deep understanding of the business problem. With a thorough understanding of our client’s business, we will customize a program that applies world-class techniques and gets measurable results.

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The program we develop with you, our client, will be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is the Voice of the Customer and are those expectations being met?
  • Why, when and where do problems occur?
  • How can we streamline the process and digitalize for tomorrow’s world?
  • Will the changes meet business objectives, including risk and compliance requirements?
  • How can we get employees and customers to embrace the changes to ensure lasting change?

With customer-focused metrics that represent areas “critical to quality”, we solve for outcomes directly related to business objectives, cycle-time, profit, cost and other quality measures. These metrics are also used after the project to ensure control is maintained after the processes and technology are deployed.